DDF, Clean UB2 on Grindr, Scruff, Jackd..

That phrase. I thought it would never get to me. I thought I could just think of those people as uneducated, ignorant, and unaware of how stupid those words sound. But after reading countless profile saying those words, I somehow find myself a bit hurt by those words. I know I shouldn’t be.. But I am and I can’t help feel what I am feeling. Arggghh….

Just the way it should be.

Been a while!

Wowiee! Long time no post. Apologies to all my followers! I’ve been adjusting to a busy schedule and new life here in LA for the past 2-3 months. I just want to let you know that I am doing great! (still boyfriendless). More posts/news coming soon!

Who knew HIV could cure cancer?

Buy (RED) on Fab.com!

Buy (RED) on Fab.com!

This is very exciting news. Thank you technology!

Supercomputer-powered HIV research brings new hope for more effective vaccines

Finding an effective, safe HIV vaccine is still¬†an ongoing struggle¬†for scientists, but a new, supercomputer-aided discovery is offering a new hope. Researchers from the University of Illinois and the University of Pittsburgh were able to accurately map the four million atoms that make up the HIV capsid (a protein shell that contains the virus’s genetic material), and this new knowledge may help find new ways to battle the virus and stop it from reproducing so rampantly. ‘The capsid is critically important for HIV replication,’ said senior author Peijun Zhang from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. ‘Knowing its structure in detail could lead us to new drugs that can treat or prevent the infection…’

via The Verge

It seems like everyone in LA is dating someone. Don’t see too many singles…

thank goodness it’s a long weekend.

beautiful music.

I live listening to beautiful instrumental music. But they make me start daydreaming about falling in love and then I realize that I am not in love with anyone. I want to love. When will my person show up?